Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Can you feel it? it's getting closer. Excitment, rushing around, too many things to do, not enough time. It's coming whether your ready or not. It will not wait for you! Ready or not it's coming, 36 hours!! It's here !!!! Merry Christmas to all my blogger friends.

I have been making this cute bird house out of the mini milk carton . I just love how they come out I am going to add bow to them at the bottom. I just though of that after the photo. if you would like more details just email me at

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Sunday, December 13, 2009

christmas gift boxes and cards

Here a few Photos of things that i have been working on this past few days, I hope you enjoy them and i will get back to post every week realy soon.. just trying to get thought the hoildays..Merry christmas everyone if i do not get back on here with a new post befor them..

cute christmas card

santa punch art

Grinch pill box

the letter inside the box is

Grinch pills feeling kinda grouchy? hoilday spirit can't be found ? just try these little grinch pills they're the best imedicine around
whether eating a whole handful or eating one or two. the frosty little pills take the grinch right out of you.

front of grinch box

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