Monday, May 20, 2013

Update on me

Hello Everyone,
I know i keep saying that i am back and going to get my videos and post more on my blog. I just wented to let you know that i have not forgot about my online friends and stampers. I have been helpping my mom with my Dad, My dad is a very sick man and a few months back we had to take part of his left leg off . Well on top of all that he has heart trouble and dose diaylsis 3 times a week. He was doing good and come. He was only home 2 days when he got a bad infection in his leg and we almost lost him. So he is back at St Jones. That is about a hour drive one way. So when i take mom to see him it is all day. The when i get home i have my family and workshops and things to get done at home. So that has left me with little time to blog and make videos. I am not sure when i will get things back on track again. If you see a video or a blog post here and there then i must have had a few minutes. I hope you understand and will contine to fallow me.

I did my first every Mens workshop.  I had 4 men and 4 kids come.
We made mothers day Card. It was a lot of fun.

Pat left befor i got a photo of him by his self.
Thanks for stopping by
Thanks for choosing me to be your Stampin' Up! Demonstrator!!