Friday, May 29, 2009

Garage Sale

Hello gals, i am haveing a scrapbooking Garage Sale
I have so much stuff that i need to clean out.

so here is a list of Items and prices

Friskers lage cutter with scoring blade- 20.00

creative memories black lined paper 10 sheets $3.00

black page kits with instructions and supplies $3.00 for all 3 kits

Creative memories personal trimmer- 8.00

creative memories file folders 15.00 for all 3 and files folders

friskars trimmers with blade- 6.00

10 sizzix paddle punch with hammer- 12.00

pebble inc chalk used $5.00

creative memories cd holder 3.00

Pebbles inc paint and alaphabet letters $ $6.00

Memory keepers paint 3.00

creatvie memories tote mini tote bag- $5.00

creative memories gold inscripted album id kit $2.00

mini light box- 8.00

creative memories pen holder- 4.00

scrapbook companion- 2.00

creativememories heart punch- $8.00

ek success ballerina punch-$1.00

creative memories memories square punch $8.00

13 different punchs $8.00

creative memory corner rounder 4.00

friskars rotillary cutter 4.00

mystery crab bag $5.00

i do have photos of the items if you would like to see them you will also pay shipping
thanks for looking

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