Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Workshop run down and More

hello Eveyone,
I just have to tell you all a little store. today after school My 13 year old took his lawn mower and want mudden with it. ( out here in the sticks the kids race lawn mowers and just have them to drive aroud) Well I had done the wash and it was hanging out and my son thought that he would wash his mower off right next the clean towals........Need i say more. yes they where all mud. But that is not the last of the Mud. He come in to take a shower because he was covered from head to toe with mud. When he got out of the bath i thought i better go take a look at the bathroom. OMG you would have thought that my bath room had a Mud war!!! I had him come and clean up the mess but you know I still had to go over it for it was just not done "moms" way.... and people ask me how i get things done. I sometime ask myself the something..LOL

Well anyways,I had a scrapbooking work shop today and we had a lot of fun. We made two cards and just scrapbooked in are books, chatted and did i say chatted...
Here are some photos of the gals and the cards we did today.

this card was done with versmark stamp pad and are stampin pastels (calk) It was alot of fun!

For this card we used choc. chip, so saffron, pumpkin pie stamp pads and the word window punch

both cards where done with stamp set inspired by nature ( this stamp set is not in the book but i can still order it for)

here is a photo of my gals some are missing, but i will get them next time.

things i still have going on are
~ribbon shareing (read older post for details)
~Punch book (to buy read older post for details)
~Monthly Club -Read older post for details- if you join now you will get julys FREE Gift

thanks for stoping By till next time keep stamping!!

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