Tuesday, August 25, 2009

What a Day Shopping

Well i thought i would share my shopping day that i had with my Aunt we had plains to go ACmoore store yesturday.
First we plained to me at her house at 12:00 I got there around 12:15. On the way there my Van Brook down. thanks GOD that it was In my Aunts Driveway when it quick. I was out in the stick and my Cell Phone did not work so i would have been doing some walking in the rain with Sara.

Well We took my aunts car and want to ACmoore. they had Cricut Cartridges on sale for 39.99 so i got 2 Everyday Paper Dolls and Sponge Bob
I have been wanting them both but had to wait till they want on sale. Now i can do Paige Brithday pages....Yahoo i am going to get them done befor she turns 3. The Everyday Paper Doll is Wounderful!!! there is so much more in the book then what they show. I am going to play with them later today and maybe i will make a little Video to share...

I also got some paper and jumbo eyelets that was it. I did not dare to do more then that not know what was wrong with my Van.

Well i got back to my Aunt and my Uncle was home from work and he took a look at my van and the Main Belt that runs the Van come off so we had it towed to the shop. to have a new one put back on. thank God my Uncle had truple AAA.

Bob had to come get me. It was Hubby Birthday yesurtday I did not get the meal plained that i waited for him but we did have his Apple Pie that i had my mom make she makes the best Pies!!! I am not a very good pie make. Bob likes Pies over Cake anyday.

So it is a new day i am going to call the shop where my van is later to see how much i have to pay. pary that it is not a arm and leg for me.
Have a Great Day all

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