Wednesday, October 27, 2010

thanksgiving card with owl punch

Hello Gays,
I bet you all thought i had forgot about you.. October is just a really crazy time for me. Well i did make this really Cute thinks giving card.. I am not sure where i seen this. It may have been on stampin up web group. I know when i see it i had to case it. I am not sure i did it the same as the other person. (when i get the name i will post it sorry) but this is what i come up with. I hope you enjoy.

what i use was and did:

Owl punch
tab Punch for wings on Turkey cut them in 1/2 and fan them around the owl
1 1/4 sq punch to make hat
Gun Was done with two small strips of paper one a little short then the other(this is for the long part of the gun)
handle part i use a small scarp piece of paper and just cut a little out of it as shown in photo
i used a small circle hand punch to make the trigger part on the gun. then use a white gel pen to meddle.

hope you all can give it a try.
thanks for stopping by
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