Sunday, December 11, 2011

Decembers online

Hello Everyone, I have not forgot about you all i was really sick for a week and the kids got sick right after thanksgiving. I have not been doing to many videos for i could not talk. But i am doing better now and i have got a lot to share. First i want to let you all know that my Decembers online and home class is up on my blog. Here is a photo of the cards we will be making. click on the ONLINE Class link above this post for more details I have been making these candy gumball dish. For Christmas gifts they are so easy and only $3.00 to make plus the candy you put inside. click video below for more details

I have a few more videos and things to come in the next few days. thanks for all the emails makeing sure i am OK. Take care thanks for stopping by Bonnie~ Need some extra cash, get a discount, meet wonderful creative people like yourself,Join my team email at Click here if you would like to place a stampin up order!

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