Monday, August 27, 2012

Out Come from Scrapbooking Last Week

Well it is hard to believe that we are on are last week of the scrap booking Chagenlle.
I am going to run another one some time in January when things are not so busy for everyone.
Just a reminder of what the scrap booking layout was to look like (or close too)

here is what i come up with
By Bonnie Mountford
 By LuJean
By Shannon
The winner of the last Scrap booking chagnelle was LuJean.
I will mail all gifts for this week.
thanks to all those how played along.
I hope to have more next time.
In the next few weeks i am going to be doing some Halloween Items.
I am also getting ready for a craft fair that is coming up.
so i will be posting a little less for the next few weeks.
I also have some new punch art coming out too!
Thanks for stopping By
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