Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Scrapbooking Page

Today i want to share a scrap booking page that i did. On Sunday me and my Friend Shannon got together and did some scrap booking i got a lot done but still have a lot to go.

I also forgot to post a list of what i put on my Coupons for my Valentine Coupon Book that i post a few days back so here is the list.

forgot to post what i wrote on the little cards. ON the to top of each card i put this coupon is good for
1.A Video or TV Show (rent a fun video or choose your favorite t.v show for us to which together)
2. A good story( to read to you or told to you)
3.Trip to the mall ( play in the boucehouse)
4. A Batch of cookies ( fun time baking together)
5. Cereal Cookies or snacks ( this week you decide which kind we buy!)
6. An Ice- Cream Sundae ( make your own sundae or go to the ice cream store)
7. The Menu of Your Choice ( breakfast, lunch or dinner you Pick what we eat)
8. A big hug ( good for repeats all day long any day)
9. Your Favorite Game ( you choose the game )
10. Bowling night (with the family)

here are some other i thought of later
trip to the park,
trip to the zoo
go out to eat
go to the movies
take a walk
play dress up
Scrapbook together
have a friends over
PJ party
stay up 15 min pass your bed time
15 more Min's to talk on the phone
stay out 15 Min's longer on date night
thanks for stopping by
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