Monday, June 18, 2012

week 3 of 13 scrapbooking challenge

Just so you all remember what the layout looked like for week 3 here it is again
Here is  my week 3 scrap booking challenge layout.
I did my little girls Birthday
party so i had a lot of photos and i like to keep the theme going with one set of photos.
so i did a 4 page layout this week.
I am having so much fun with this and i am getting so many pages done.
layouts by Bonnie Mountford
I also did a video on how i made my page layout.
Here are the pages of the gals that did the scrap booking challenge with me this week.
If you would like to join, jump right in anytime. you can use any supplies that you have only rules are try and fallow the layout template that i give each week, and must email me a page layout so i can put you in the drawing.
Here are the three layouts that i got this week Yahoooo
by Debbie Gates

by Debby MCGillivray
thanks to all the did this weeks challenge with me.
 I hope you will all do week 4 see below for layout for week 4
The WINNER FOR WEEK 3 is DEBBY MCGILLIVRAY Yhooooooooo! Picked by my Hubby
i will be emailing you Debby

Next week Challenge
Use any supplies you have. Just try to do as close as you can to layout template above.
then send me a photo for your layout by Sunday at midnight to
Next Week Prize is going to be stickers a lot of stickers Creative Memories and others.
Hope you all join in!
thanks for stopping by
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MrsMaxson said...

How do I get back to weeks 1 & 2. Or is it too late?