Thursday, June 9, 2011

Carnation Punch Art

card by Barbara Green
Today I want to share a card with you that was emailed to me by a followers Barbara Green . She made a Carnation Out of punches. I also made this card with the details Barbara gave me. Here is the one i made. I just love this card and the look.

Here are the Details Barbara gave me.
used the boho blossom punch and folded the flower in half but off center. The first row had four, the second had three, the forth had two and the last row had one. The green was the small oval. Leaves were the small oval.

thanks Barbara for the idea and letting me share this card with everyone.

If anyone has a card they would like to share just email me with a photo and the details i will post it here.
thanks for stopping by till next time happy stamping!
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Ms said...

this is so very clever....I never ever would have thought of something like this... Thank you so much for sharing the how to on this idea....

valita said...

these are gorgeous! very creative :)