Thursday, August 12, 2010

Closing my Esty Store and big savings on books

Hello Gals,
I have been doing a lot of moving my tutorial. I have made life a little easyer for me and you. Now when you buy one of my tutorials you can download them right way. You do not need to wait for me to check my email and then send them to and it helps me by not having to check my email every hour.
Well with that being said, i am NO longer going to be using my etsy store anymore. I will be selling everything right here from my blog. Also i am not going to be selling the punch books any more. I have seen that i sell more in smaller sets and single then in the books.
so i have some books listed on my etsy store. I going to keep them up for 2 weeks and then i am going to close down the store. So if you wanted one or both of the punch art books get over there before they are gone. Also i am Selling them for $25.00 That is a big savings $15.00 off.
thanks for stopping by

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