Monday, August 16, 2010

Composition Notebooks

Hello Gals,
I just wanted to share a few things with you today.
I had a really fun Sunday with my kids. I took the girls to the mall to do some back to school shopping and get Paige's ears priced. She was a really big girl. she did not even cry. I think mom was more worried then she was..LOL
I am not sure why i waited so long to get her ears done. I had Sara done when she was 1. Maybe it was because she was the baby and she is so tiny compared to Sara at that age. Well when i got back from the Mall. I want to the races with my son. My Cousin Phil Races a car at a local raceway and we have not had a change to go see him this year. We had a great time. I always worried about the age different with the kids doing things that they all will have fun at. I think they all had a great day but mom was ready for bed when we got home from the races it was a long day but lots of fun.

well today I got back to doing some crafty things. I see this video over at Chicnscratch on Youtube. If you would like to make these cute! Composition Notebooks for your kids for school stop over there. she has a great video on how these are done.
Sara loves these and she can not wait to take them to school and show her friends.

this one i like best. the stamp set that i used was ink a dink a do.

Click here is you would like to place a stampin up order!

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