Sunday, August 15, 2010

Just Stuff

Hello Gals,
Well Sara's birthday party was a lot of fun and all the kids love the poodle bags.
I found a lot of Benny baby puppies new at a yard sale and they fit in the poodle bags just wonderful. here are a few photos of the birthday party

For those of you that do not know Tim and Sara are 8 years apart but they have so much love for each other. i always worried about that. Well to make a long store short. On Sara's 5Th Birthday party Tim wanted to do a gag gift for Sara so he rapped up a close pin and she thought that was so funny. when Tim's birthday come around she wrapped him up coal. well do you see where this is going. they have this little game going on that when there birthday comes the give each other a gag gift. in this photo you see Sara opening here gag gift from her big brother.

Here is a photo of Tim laughing at here. because they also use lots of tape.
I can only see what they give each other as the years go.

In this photo Sara is open her real gift from her brother. He works on my brothers farm. well he want to bought his school shoe( if you want Nike's You have to work for them mom dose not buy them) and there was a sale buy one part and get another for 1/2price so he bought his sister a part for here birthday. he just makes me so proud.

this next photo is of Sara getting here gift from grandma and grandpa. she wanted a guitar for her birthday. Grandma got her one and hid it in the trunk of her car. she had to go find it. OMG did she Scream !!

Sara had a great birthday! and very think full for everything she got.
what fun we all had.

thanks for stopping by enjoy your Sunday

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